W E L C O M E   T O  T H E   W O R L D   A S   S E E N   T H R O U G H   M Y   E Y E S
I N D R A   S I L A R

There is never silence around me.
Even if i keep my breath for 2 seconds or 3 or 4.
..............keep breath

even if i would keep my breath and i would be in a room protected my all noises and sounds of the world, it would never ever be silent.
So what is silence?
I have no idea. I didn't find it.
Silence apparently is a always in movement. because when i keep my breath and i even try to keep all my thoughts quiet.
There is always movement inside me.
My heart, my heart doesn't stop beating. It's a muscle working by itself.
I cannot control it, i can influence it, but i cannot control it.
and there is always blood streaming, flowing through my vain.
It's always moving, all the time.

I don't know silence is a strange thing!
I think, i think you can call it a thing!
So there is never silence.
There is always movement.
and now, now open your eyes.