W E L C O M E   T O  T H E   W O R L D   A S   S E E N   T H R O U G H   M Y   E Y E S
...How to describe my drive in working. It took some time before i was able to find the words that could possibly explain why and what i am doing. Then suddenly it became very simple. Here is what i feel and think.

I am a woman, I laugh, I care, I share
I destroy at times just to find out that my restlessness and desire to live is driving me to create a better me in the hope for more beauty in this world.
I discover in different ways and to a surprise of myself in fields that i have never imagined.

Imagination, Dreams, Hopes, Wishes, Fears, Destruction and Anger. For me in the end it all comes together in Love. The duality of live doesn't miss out on bad and good stuff.

What is good what is bad. Well sometimes i don't know and question marks run through my soul like a typewriter.
Specially when my heart feels the embarrassment to be human.  That leaves a lot of questions that led me to new projects, ideas in any media that i use. I take a camera into my hands when my eyes catches a glimpse of life that passes right through us. The process of Printmaking gives me time to think and contemplate. The active technicalities of it bring me into a state of rest. My hands moving on paper, involving physical work more than an active conceptual approach. I am a performer when my audience doesn't expect it and i just become "it" what needs to show itself. I am so much more at times than so much less than i understand with my mind.  My inabilities to admit to my stiffest belief system are my biggest challenges.  My struggle with the absurdities of life. On the In and Outside. I got lost a couple of times and than reinvented myself. A story of millions of others. I try to tell stories of ancient beliefs into modern time tales. What are ancient beliefs? Why ancient? Believing and understanding of what we do individually and in a collective is what makes us human. Doesn't it?  Repetition...Climate change, Wars, and Love. Corruption, Disadvantage and love. Lies, Torture and love. Physical, Mental and Emotional Violence and love. Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love.....  Sometimes i feel more like a story teller than  an artist. Sometimes solitude seems to be the only inner dance i want to dance.
Sometimes it gets wild in my mind and heart and then very quiet. i call it my island state of mind that needs to rest. They say that is the artist way. I say it's one way to be a human and evolve.
I N D R A   S I L A R