W E L C O M E   T O  T H E   W O R L D   A S   S E E N   T H R O U G H   M Y   E Y E S
"Education can shape you in various ways".
I am grateful for all the input, thoughts and questions, discipline and rebellion they have inspired me to experience.
...but the best time I had learning so far was my experience with the Painter and Print maker Danilo Pravica, originally from Croatia who lives and works in Perth, Western Australia. 
He invited me with others into his studio and guided me in such a loving and provocative way that my guards finally broke down and joy, fun and conviction took over.
My inner world needed apparently a more personalized invitation of this sort to make it though into the public eye. 
I have done that before and was ready for it to do it all over again. We all have this little breakthroughs once in a while. Thank you for that.

Danilo and Indra in 2009, Australia Perth

Danilo's dedication and love for  Art and Life in all it's forms inspired me deeply. Of course his technique and force of nature when it comes to producing work is unbelievable and move me out of space by just observing it.
Maybe the word graceful brings it more to the point. He is one of the most graceful teachers i have ever met until now. If I can achieve to share my knowledge  with so much grace, well than that is what  I am looking forward too.

I N D R A   S I L A R